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Efficient workflow

We have an efficient modular workflow, which is better than structuredThe working mode improves the efficiency by 20-40 times

Diversified integration

Effectively and seamlessly integrate various existing resourcesAnd connect to generate new value carriers

Quality brand service

Support multiple organizations, multiple accounting systems, multiple accounts, amoeba,Fast and flexible expansion, fast function iteration
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Form Athena
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2012 |  Year
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Our Journey Of Growth
VR multiplayer battle system
Commercial production of somatosensory products
SevenStrike Media was established
2016 | Year
Enter VR, AR, MR
Human-computer interaction field
2017-2018 | Year
Nanjing SevenStrikeMedia Co., Ltd. adheres to the focus and sincere commitment to software development, game production, graphic advertising, digital customized content, corporate image planning, new media communication, digital animation, exhibitions and related services, and continues to improve and surpass. . Keeping the needs of customers at heart all the time, relying on the advantages of the branch headquartered in China to set foot in Australia and Malaysia, introduce international advanced technology concepts and high-end equipment, integrate popular elements of world media, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the brand.
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Endless progress   Endless scenery